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Daily Express Gives As Luck Would Have It A Five Star Review

The Daily Express has reviewed my new book, As Luck Would Have It, and has given it five stars.

The review describes the inspiration behind As Luck Would Have It, around Instagram and the false selves we often project on social media.

My heroine, Natalie's life has taken a turn for the worse as her fiance has left her and her newborn baby, yet you'd never know that from her perfect Instagram feed.

The Daily Express said, 'As Luck Would Have It is a hilarious and charming read that had me turning the pages until I’d devoured the whole book in one sitting.'

'Sweet, heart-warming and full of gorgeously escapist... This book is a must-read by an author who is certainly one to watch.'

To read the review, click here.

To check out As Luck Would Have It, click here.


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