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Daily Express Gives Flying Solo Five Star Review

The Daily Express has given my new rom com, Flying Solo, a five star review!

They said, 'The descriptions of the strange and cult-like world of the ashram and the quirky characters Rachel meets, including hippy heartthrob Seb, make for an original and highly entertaining read that guarantees to transport the reader far away from lockdown life.'

The review alluded to the time I spent in ashrams in India, explaining how this inspired me to set a large part of Flying Solo in such a setting.

It also compared me to Sophie Kinsella, whose Shopaholic series inspired me to write romantic comedies.

The review said, 'May has a lucid, upbeat and easy-to-read writing style that will appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella, Beth O’Leary and Mhairi Mcfarlane.

'Flying Solo has some genuinely entertaining laugh-out-loud moments that might even make you grateful for quarantine, saving the reader the embarrassment of snorting with laughter in public places.

'With an original premise, a unique setting, kooky characters and brilliantly funny moments, Flying Solo is a must-read.'

To read more, click here.

Flying Solo is 99p now. Check it out here.


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