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Swiped Out Cover_1000x1600.jpg

♥ What happens when you finally swipe left on online dating? ♥

Unlucky-in-love school teacher Natasha is addicted to swiping on the apps, and yet she's no closer to finding love.


A hopeless romantic, Natasha dreams of meeting Mr Right, and yet she seems to have met every Mr Wrong there is...


When her go-to app informs her that she has 'run out of matches',


Natasha quickly fires off a message to the app's helpdesk complaining that she can't possibly have swiped through all the single men in London, but apparently she has...


Natasha decides it's time to seek love in the real world, but do strangers really catch each other's eye across a crowded room these days?! And how do you make a move that isn't a right swipe?!

Available from Amazon.

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