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Answering anonymous questions

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

What would your perfect match be like?

My perfect match would be someone who is ambitious and driven – I find those qualities really attractive. My perfect match would also be someone who’s just nice. Nice guys are underrated! I’d also prefer to date a vegan guy as I’m vegan and I’m really into animal rights. I tend to be attracted to quite outgoing, extroverted types as I can be a bit awkward and quiet so I find people who are socially confident really appealing!

Have you ever dated anyone from Twitter?

Yes, I’ve been on two dates from Twitter. Both of the dates were fun, but nothing came of either. There just wasn’t enough of a spark really. I do think Twitter is a good way to meet potential partners though as you can sort of watch someone from afar for a bit and you get a better feel for their personality than you probably get when people are trying to put their best foot forward on dating sites. I actually wrote about this for Metro here. I met one of my best friends over Twitter. We spent a few months liking each other’s tweets and just realising we had similar views and then we met and it just translated perfectly to real life.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?

Writing has always been my thing so it’s hard to imagine doing anything else, but I enjoy painting too. I get into a dreamy zone when I’m painting and I can paint for hours without getting bored (similar to how I feel when writing) so I might have tried to become a painter. Occasionally, I whip out my oil paints and I like painting flowers, so I might have tried to get good enough at that to sell paintings. At the moment, my paintings are quite amateurish but I still display them in my flat.

One of my paintings

How much of perfect match is based on real life?

All of the bad dates Sophia describes were based on real dates I’d been on. I kind of wanted to put them in a novel because it felt like I was getting something of value out of all those crummy experiences – a silver lining! However, Sophia advertises for her perfect man – a multimillionaire Robert Pattinson lookalike, and that bit and everything that happens after is made up – I’ve never set up a dating profile like that!


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